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Chelsea Groton Bank OCTOBER 2016

Experience stronger security, increased daily card limits and an
updated card style!

Debit cardsIndividuals and business customers who currently have Chelsea Groton Debit and ATM cards have automatically been issued new EMV "chip cards," which replace current cards. The "chip cards" feature a new design, and are "flat printed" rather than having the raised embossed text that was on prior cards. Card numbers have changed, however the PIN remains the same. Please follow the instructions on the card to activate!

A chip or EMV card is a card with an embedded microchip that provides enhanced security and protection against fraud. The chip adds an extra layer of security by generating a one-time code when used at a chip-enabled terminal. While magnetic stripe cards are still considered secure, chip technology is the next step in providing enhanced security to our customers. With the increased debit card fraud experienced nationwide, activating your new chip card as soon as possible is a crucial step to mitigating fraud.

If you are a current cardholder, and have questions about the transition or are interested in becoming a cardholder, please call our Customer Care Center at (860) 448-4200 or stop in to any of our 14 convenient branch locations.

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