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Chelsea Groton Bank DECEMBER 2015

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Five Things That Stand Out in My Five Years

CGB TeamDear Friends,

This month marks five years since I was honored with the responsibility of leading Chelsea Groton. I wanted to share with you, the individuals who give our Bank purpose, five things that stand out since my first day on the job.

We live in an extraordinarily beautiful part of the world. In terms of physical beauty, nothing beats the blue waters off the rocky coastlines, the vibrant leaves found along hiking trails and winding roads, and the quiet snows on seemingly endless land.

More important than physical beauty, is the internal beauty of the people that make up our communities. The diversity of backgrounds and skillsets, and the strength of character of individuals I've had the opportunity to come in contact with, has been inspiring and humbling. I'm amazed each time I see folks from local non-profits, businesses and schools in action, review thoughtful grant requests for causes that need our backing, and hear expressions of gratitude from those who have received support from the Bank.

Equally as inspiring as those on the giving and receiving end of our area organizations, is the promises I've seen customers make to themselves. The people in our Chelsea Groton community have shown me a level of dedication and ingenuity I hadn't seen before. I've watched renters become home owners, dreamers become business owners, and parents figure out a way to educate a child, because they were committed to doing so. Those things didn't happen overnight. But over time, with planning, prioritizing, budgeting, and a support team, they became realities.

Speaking of dedication, having a team that demonstrates the commitment to customers, community and colleagues that the Bank's team possesses is invaluable. I've observed individuals in every branch and department go above and beyond for so many. From walking a customer through how to sign up for online banking, to spearheading food and clothing drives, to sharing an idea that could help a coworker, and everything in between, the team at Chelsea Groton makes all the difference.

"Bigger is not better; only better is better." I was told this saying by an important influence in my life many years ago; it's never rung as true as it does now. The Bank is growing. We've increased the size of our team. We opened a Lending Center in Hartford County this year. We've increased our assets, and may pass the $1 billion mark in 2016. So, yes, we're certainly growing. But growth is only a good thing if we are also getting better, something we are always striving to do.

It's a happy coincidence that my anniversary with the Bank happens to be during the holiday season – a time when I reflect on all I'm grateful for, and think about my goals for the coming year. I have nothing but gratitude for the experiences that have been afforded to me over these last five years, and I speak on behalf of my entire team when I say how excited we are that Chelsea can be an integral part of shaping our region's future, by helping people, organizations and communities solve problems and reach their full potential.

All my best for a safe and happy holiday season, and a wonderful year ahead!


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