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The Scoop on Social Security

The Scoop on Social SecurityEven if you aren't receiving Social Security benefits yet, Social Security is still working for you. Curious about how it works? Visit to create a "my Social Security" account. If you're at least 18 years old, have a valid email address, U.S. mailing address and a social security number, you can create an account. For added security, you may provide answers to a few questions that only you are likely to know, and you can set-up unique text message codes to be sent to your cell phone each time you want to sign in. The information you provide to "my Social Security" will be encrypted and the website has been verified by a certification authority.

Once the account is created, you'll be able to view an online Social Security Statement, review your lifetime earnings history (and catch any errors), see estimates of future benefits, and more. All of this is important information that can help you plan, invest and save for your future.

While Social Security will be an important part of your financial future, it's important to put aside additional resources to ensure a more comfortable retirement.

Once you retire, or start receiving benefits, your "my Social Security" account will be the best place to go to manage your benefits. Through the account, you can get an instant benefit verification letter, change your address and phone number, and start or change direct deposit of your benefit payment.

Millions of people have already opened a safe and secure "my Social Security" account. To open your account, or learn more about the benefits, visit today.

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